Get Your Own Channel

That's produce and edit your own footage, your own shows the way you want them, you add your sponsors into your shows during the editing process giving you the freedom you need to be creative. Our requirements are quite simple. Your completed footage needs to be sent to us via Drop Box, US Mail or any other video service that we can download your episodes from, like YouTube or Vimeo etc..

The basic show package of (NOW) $50.00 per month allows up to (12) episodes aired on your channel at any time. 

If you find that you would like to increase your episode limit on your channel, we can increase shows easily by adding to your monthly fee, example: 24 episodes $75 per month, 36 episodes $100 per month etc. 

Get started today with your own Roku channel on the NEO Network! Our representative will contact you with all information you need after your payment subscription is processed! Contact us using the contact us tab for more information at any time!

Join The New England Outback Network now and have your own channel on TV sets coast to coast fast!  

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