We offer many types of ads on our Network from direct logos in our episodes to across the network video ads.  Our system provides Intro and Outro advertising, just like advertisements on conventional TV programming except without episode interruption!  Our Viewing estimate per month is over 8K views, providing your business with excellent advertising opportunity! 


Graphics advertising is our best rate to get started and a great buy too!

Your adds on our shows target specific outdoor audiences from Maine outwards across New England and beyond!  

Sponsor either "Maine Hunters TV" or "Maine Fishing TV" and get your business logo permanently embedded on each uploaded episode of  MaineHunters TV  or  Maine Fishing TV in the credit rolls during a one year period from submitted payment date.  This really gets your business some attention for $500 a year! Better than any printed add around the area! 

We will embed your business logo onto all our episodes, ( Episode upload amounts varies from year to year.) for a one year contract period for just $500.00 per year ... Plus your supplied logo remains on our episodes for as long as the episodes we fix your advertisement to remains on our network! This becomes years of advertising in most cases. Most episodes we will even mention your business during the run time by our cast too and display your logo then as well! 

If you want to get started right away...

Simply Click the show channel you would like to become a sponsor of, or both and make your payment and we will be in touch shortly by email for your details and graphics. Thank you for making our shows possible and your sponsorship support!  


Maine Hunters TV  One (1) Year Sponsorship Ads



Maine Fishing TV  One (1) Year Sponsorship Ads



Contact us for advertising with your video ads across our entire network for super advertising exposure! 

Example ad: 


Video Ad Clips  up to 60 Second Video Ad Intro or Outro

Starting at $100 Per Month (intro)    

Starting at $50 Per Month (Outro) 

3 month minimum for video add clips, then you can cancel subscription anytime.


There is a one time set up fee for submitted video ads. 

$50.00  for your up to 60 Second Clip Run Ready H.264 format NEO Network Approved Ad


Need Us to Film Your Video Ad and Edit it For You?

Flat fee $895.00   30-60 Second Clip NEO Network filmed on location and produced there is a mileage fee or 35 cents per mile for travel to your location.  

Ready to Get Started Advertising on the NEO Network?  Use the contact tab above, and provide us with a contact name, number or email and we will have a associate contact you.